Introduction to Internet Marketing

The importance of Internet marketing:

If you are determined to make money online is not enough just to create and update your website. Many “experts” boasts the idea (free make money pdf’s) that you can make thousands of dollars monthly with simple steps like: choosing a domain, setting up a blog, monetize it and wait to get rich. The fact is that THEY make money by introducing their affiliate links all over these pdf guides. You can do the same, if you know how to do it (balancing quality information with commercial intent).

However, if you just wait for somebody to visit your site / purchase your products, you’ll probably wait for a long time until you’ll see the first $5. To succeed online you need traffic, and for that you need to apply Internet marketing. If you have a website with quality information but nobody knows it, your efforts are in vain. Therefore Internet marketing is essential and, lately, many companies working in both online and in the offline areas, have invested huge money to market their brand online.

Internet marketing requires involvement:

Internet marketing is an activity that requires a lot of involvement. It is not enough to put your blog link on Twitter or Facebook and that’s it, you can’t say that you marketed. To successfully market in the online environment requires time, patience and hard work.

As you probably already know, Internet marketing also depends on your site’s topic. For example, if you have a blog about “home insurances”, you must be aware that to succeed and to get on the first page on Google search for “home insurances” is needed a lot of work and patience. It may take even half a year to see results because the high competition in this field. Of course, the position at the forefront of search engines is influenced by search engine optimization (SEO) of the site. This subject is covered on another article on this site.

Returning to competition. If instead you market your blog for, let’s say “renaissance painters” you will not need very much effort to reach the first page on Google, because the competition is relatively low.

Thus, before making an opinion about developing and promoting your blog online, you must firs research the area your site is about. Search on Google for the exact phrase (searching “phrase”) you want to appear on the first page. If there are over 1 million results, might be a pretty big competition and you have to invest a lot of time in Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). If the results are in the tens of thousands range, then in a few months, by sustained marketing efforts, you can be in the first page of Google search without any problems.

But keep in mind that if there are few results on your search term, it also means there is little interest in this area and thus will not capture too many visitors to your site, which ultimately translates into lower income. But if you manage to succeed, for example, to appear on the first page for “weight loss diet”, you have secured a very handsome income.

Making $$$

Internet Marketing and Online Money

Why do you want to earn money online?

This is an interesting question, many people want to make money online for the same reason: to have a monthly passive income without having to work every day for it, we can work from home, when we want, without depending on anyone, the opportunities to make money online are endless, the theoretical number of potential “clients” is several billion (again, theoretically).

What is the biggest worries about earning money online?

Probably the biggest concern about earning money online is the fact that because the desire to make more money, many people resort to various scamming techniques, deception, lies and exaggerations to promote their products. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of such “gurus” of internet marketing looking just to get as much money as possible omitting to offer quality in exchange for it. But if you’re careful before buying anything, you will not be the victim of such scam sites.

Why you must learn Internet marketing?

The basic idea is that you can not really earn money online if you do not have at least some basic knowledge about internet marketing. It’s like you want to fly a plane, without taking flying lessons in advance. You may eventually succeed, after many crashes:) but you’d be easier to learn first how to pilot a plane and then go to practice. With Internet marketing is the same.

What is the most important thing in Internet Marketing?

Perhaps understanding human psychology, human behavior. To sell someone a product you would need to understand why that person wants to buy your product, and how to make so as to convince about the needs to purchase that “best choice” product.

What is most important things to learn about earning money online?

Techniques to attract targeted traffic and to persuade visitors to buy or act. Because without traffic you do nothing, nobody buys the product if there are no clicks on your ads. Thus, perhaps the most important thing is to attract targeted traffic to your products or service website.