Making $$$

Best Proven Ways You Can Make Money at Home With

Maybe you’re currently earning money online in a way or another, or you just want to start doing it. In either case, a side income is always welcomed. I will list below a few of the best methods to earn money online, some are kind of new, and some are long-time standing, but all of them can add a serious money stream to your current income.

For those that are already making money online, while you’re doing it, it’s never bad to diversify your income and work to grow another stream on the side. Time is passing anyway, and if there isn’t something more building up in parallel with your main method, think about what will happen if things start to go bad with that. So here it goes:

Making $$$

Best Methods of Blog Monetization

Probably the first thing that went through your head when you started your blog was: “How can I get money from it?”. And if you have not questioned it at first, because that blog started just for fun and to share your ideas with others, along the way, you probably wondered how you could get some money from your blog.

In this article I will present the best six ways to make money through your blog. But you should know from the beginning that to make serious money, you need a lot of quality traffic. 10 visitors per day you will not make even 1 euro per month. So here are the best 6 blog monetization methods:

1) AdSense (becoming a publisher)

That’s probably one of the most common methods of blog monetization and sometimes can be very effective. On this blog I have written several articles on how to optimize your blog for AdSense. Fortunately, English-based blogs (with English content) can bring a substantial income from AdSense because CPC (cost per click) is high enough. Although there are ads that may pay a few cents, most of the ads integrated along English content can make good earnings. But you must be very careful if you think it is worth stressing your readers with ads for a few cents. Also, the blog subject is very important, if your blog is about an subject like insurance or loans, you could get a lot of money from AdSense. Here you will find both the AdWords and AdSense programs from Google:

2) Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is to promote a product of another person, for a commission. Probably the best known affiliate programs can be found through an affiliate network like Maxbounty or Neverblue, which has many campaigns available in various categories, with commissions varying from $1 (for e-mail submits) to $40 (for trial offer completion). In order to get big money from affiliate programs, you need a niche blog, focused only on one field.

If you say you have an automobile blog, you can browse your affiliate account in the auto category and choose a campaign to promote. You will find some companies offering lower commissions, but also some with larger ones. Ideally, is to choose a campaign that will be of high interest to your blog visitors.

Also, the campaigns that offer lower commission, will convert better. This is because, in general, these campaigns ($1-$5 commission) implies only an e-mail / zip or address submit, without any obligation for the visitor.

3) Sale of Own Product

If you own a product, such as an e-book, you can make big money promoting your product on your blog. And here it is important to have a niche blog because, as you have an audience interested in a specific field, the greater the conversion rate will be. Of course, for that your blog readers must trust you and be pleased with your articles. To be successful, you must show your readers that you are an expert in the field, so you will convince your audience that your product deserves to be purchased. It also matters a lot how you promote the e-book, but we’ll talk about that in another article.

4) Selling Advertising Space on Your Blog

This is another great way of blog monetization, with pretty good results. The idea is that if you have an interesting blog with enough quality traffic, you can find companies and individuals to give you a certain amount, monthly, for placing a banner on your site. The most common places for banners placements are:

– At the top, a 468×60 sized banner or leaderboard (728×90). Usually for these banners you can ask for more money, because they are positioned at the top of the page and will get many clicks.

– In the sidebar, 125×125 banners. Some banners are already optimized for WordPress themes, but you can find free plugins to help you in this.

– In the context of your articles, or at the bottom. These banners will be the most expensive, because will most likely get high exposure and more clicks.

5) Selling Links

One other effective method, which can bring enough money per month, without you doing anything, is to sell links on your site. Usually you place these links in the sidebar or footer, so they are visible on all pages on the site. Here, the price depends heavily on PageRank you have on the first page of your site, but also on other internal pages. The more you have a higher PageRank, the more money you can ask for a link. Also, the traffic affects the price of a link, but usually, people who buy these links, do it for SEO benefits, and not for the traffic.

6) Sponsored Articles

This method requires a little more effort than the previous one, but is also quite effective. If you have a blog with high traffic and eventually have a pretty good PageRank, you can write sponsored articles, or reviews, for various sites for a fee. The disadvantage is that usually you will have to write that article and get paid only once, unlike selling links that will bring you money every month. There are many bloggers who are willing to write sponsored articles and reviews for very small amounts of money, so be careful to have a competitive price, otherwise you will not make too many sales.

Of course, there are many other ways to monetize your blog, but these are probably among the most efficient you can use.