The Importance of Website Accessibility

Website accessibility refers to the possibility of accessing the website and its content, by a large number of people category types, hardware equipments and software.

Different surfers from different areas of our world, and from different environments, have different internet accessibility options and different possibilities and needs. Making sure that your website can be accessible by a large category of people, hardware and software, you will rise your exposure and you will achieve a higher consideration.

Accessibility consists of various elements that must be widely compatible:

Website format, structure and design

Your web pages must be widely accepted and supported by the majority of hardware devices and software. Make sure that your website is displaying correctly in various types of browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Avant, Chrome, etc. Also, check if your website is displaying well in other display resolutions, like 800×600, 1024×768, etc, since many users still use these standard resolutions.

Text font type

Make your font easily readable by a large number of people. The minimum recommended font size is 12, and the most suitable and widely used font types for web pages are Arial, Verdana and Tahoma. If you are using other fonts, be sure to check if that font is widely available as a standard option in many operating systems and browsers.

Scripts and applications

Keep the script size small and be sure to check if your scripts and applications function properly in many other browsers. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Avant, Chrome, etc. Don’t add too many useless scripts to your site just to be fancy, you will just increase the loading time and you can lose a lot of your visitors.

Load time / data content size

Make sure to keep the loading time of your website as shorter as possible, you will be amazed to know how many surfers hit the close button if they wait more than 7 seconds for a page to open. Keep your graphics and images in a good quality/size ratio optimizing them with image editing software, and split too much content in different pages.

Keep your website and its elements widely accessible by many types of people and their devices, and your exposure will be much higher, without the risk of losing important visitors and / or customers.

How to Make Money Online Selling Your Own Product?

Making money out of your own product can be one of the easiest ways to online business, once you learn the secret strategies that marketers use since the beginning of the Internet and that works now.

Now it’s much easier to have your own product. Even more than that, it does not cost anything. Not as in “real” world, where you have to pay the costs of manufacturing, transport, etc..

Yet, what I mean when I say digital product? Usually it is a book written by you, a PDF with detailed information in a particular field. Audio MP3 or video informational material.

Everything depends on you and how you want to send the information.

First, you must follow three steps:

1. Make your own website:

There are lots of ways to make your own site. First you must choose a domain name. To do this, you need to know which niche is your site in. For example, a niche like “how to get rid of acne” will have a domain name like “”. Read this article on choosing your perfect domain name.

Then choose your hosting service. Read this article on choosing a quality hosting.

And finally, install your own site. You can use WordPress and modify the template until will meet your needs.

2. Create the sales page:

The sales page is everything when it comes to making money from a product. A good sales page can sell a nonexistent product, while with a bad sales page you can not sell any gold for free.

You will need to know a few things before creating your sales page:

– What are your visitors needs and how you can accomplish them?
– Who else sells something similar and how?
– What gives my product in addition to others?
– Who else was trying to sell something similar and what failed?

Then you have to structure your sales page after the pattern below.


First you must grab the reader’s attention. Usually do this with a well-written title. For example “How to get rid of acne in 7 days.”


Then you have to capture the reader’s interest. How are you doing this? Answering the question “What is on for me?”. The person reading your page always knows what he will ask out. This will capture his interest and will keep reading further.


Then you need to make the visitor want your product. Here is a trap that you must be careful not to fall in. Many people when promoting a book or material, are taking care to say how it is made, instead of presenting the real benefits.

People do not buy a product just because it’s big and red and makes wonders. People buy the benefits that the product is making. For example in our case “you get rid of acne and improve your relationships with others.”


And finally, you have to make them like what you offer them. You must justify why the price is so high compared to what the product offers.

3. Create your own product

As I said, it can be an E-book, a video or audio material, it really does not matter. All that matters is to offer quality so will make people happy.

These are the basic steps you need to follow to be successful with your own selling product.

Choosing Your Perfect Domain Name – Things To Consider

The first thing you should do when you decided that you want a website, is to to choose a name for it. Everyone is free to register any domain name they wish through various domain registrar companies, as long as the domain names are still free for registration. Besides the domain TLD termination which can be com, net, org and others.. the buyer must choose the company that will make the domain registration, and of course, to choose a proper name for it.

I will explain the most important points from above that you should consider, and a few useful advices that can help you to register a good domain name through a proper company.

Domain TLD (Termination)

I will enumerate some of the most important and popular domain name terminations, these are: com, net, org, biz and info. The most well known is the .com termination, this is also the most valuable from the rest. If I must give you a quick advice about what termination you should choose, this will be .com, but there is nothing bad in having a website with one of the other termination, especially when the website is country targeted or is having other relevancy within the content and TLD type. However, as long as a website is well projected, everything can go very well with any other termination.

There are some debates that search engines gives more scores in the search results for particularly TLD’s, like .com over .info. but that depends on the site target, content, popularity and many other factors.. Obviously on the domain marketplace the .com is the most valuable TLD. And other thing to consider – many internet users have the intention to search for a .com domain termination when they are unsure about the exact address of a website, they will enter in browser “whatever they remember” followed by a .com.

Domain Registrar Companies

There are many companies through you can register your domain name, the price differ a little from company to company, but on the long term some companies will show to be better than others. That’s why is very important to choose a good company that you will register your domain / s through. The differences between the services offered are big enough and that can make the difference between headache, and focusing on your business. I will write more about advantages and disadvantages of registrar companies in another topic from this forum.

Domain Name

Finally, choosing a domain name depends very much on the purpose the website will be build for. Surely you can register a domain with a general name non-related with the website purpose and content, but is much better that the domain name to be related with the content. Another important aspect is that the name to be kept as shorter as possible, and easy to pronounce and remember. If you can mix all these factors together when registering a domain name, then you already made a first positive step, which will be very useful on the long run.

If you want to start a website about car parts, some of the best recommendations for a domain name will be – autoparts or carparts and with .com termination, this will be highly preferred. But today some of the best domains with simple and easy to remember names are already registered by first comers, still, with a little creativity you can register a pleasant name related with your activity, I will give you some possible examples, and you can always place in front or after the desired name one or a combination from the following simple words: web, net, online, now, super, today, store, shop, dir, best, quality, the, and the list can go on.. you can use your imagination. supercarparts, bestcaparts, webcarparts, carpartsdir, etc..

Facebook FanPage – An Exceptional Marketing Tool For Your Website and Business

Last month, Facebook has passed 700 million users and is still expanding. It is said that if he had a country, would be the third largest worldwide after China and India.

This fact is very interesting, especially in terms of marketing because many people can be find in just one place, where you can touch them with your messages with such ease.

Most recent statistics show that Facebook grow with an enormous new speed, acquiring millions of new users every week. Looking at these numbers, no wonder that every day the number of companies who are on Facebook is increasing. Which is a very normal thing. You have to be where they are too, and were millions of potential customers are.

The problem is that most of these companies do not know how to use this exceptional tool called Facebook, in an efficient manner. The first thing that you can see this is that companies open their account profile on Facebook and use it, instead of the page.

This can be especially serious in the long run, because the profile page was designed especially for individuals, not for companies, which means that the profile is quite limited compared to a page. The first example would be the limit of 5000 friends you can add to your profile compared to the page that has no limit and may get millions of fans.

Your company already has a Facebook page?

If you own a business, you must create a page for your company as quickly as possible because you risk lagging behind.

Here are some reasons for which you must have a Facebook page:

1. The first reason why your company should have a page instead of using the profile is that the profile is not public, but only for friends, which follows that search engines do not index it, while pages are public and accessible to search engines, which means that a page is likely to appear on the search engine lists.

2. Creating a page is free and easy to do.

3. A page is an excellent tool to build a community around your brand or business.

Take the first step

If you do not have a Facebook page, it’s time to do one right now. Join

Guide to Choosing A Quality and Reliable Web Hosting Package

If you already have or you consider buying a domain name, maybe you already know that you will need a web hosting service for your domain name to be accessible online. This web hosting is in fact renting a computer or a part of it, which is always on and with a non-stop internet connection, where the pages of your website will rest, and this way, visitors from around the world can access them online. Choosing a proper web hosting package is crucial when it comes to online activities that a website will provide. From a direct approach, in general, the options you have when you must choose a web hosting service are: shared hosting and private server.

The second option address directly to advanced users which holds and run websites that needs a large amount of hardware and software resources, and a dedicated high speed internet connection. This option is not so cheap and is not accessible for everyone. However, the shared hosting options are available through many offers at very accessible prices, and many of these offers can successfully meet the requirements of a large amount of website types.

It’s good to know that there are also a lot of shared hosting offers, which, if you apply with before a little reading and research, they can easily hold back your future ascension and prosperity of your online activities, because, you may discover either that you have some limitations which can hold down your expansion, or, the hosting package can miss some features and options which you will highly need.

I will not write a classification about the various types of websites, online applications, and the suitable web hosting packages for each, but I will highlight some of the advantages you should follow and disadvantages you can avoid when you must choose a web hosting package.

Web space:

Many of the offers today scream louder about providing “Unlimited” server space, in fact, this is just a selling technique used to drive in more customers to the hosting company. In reality, there is no unlimited space that you can use (it’s just a phrase well covered by a few sentences in the company’s Terms and Conditions) and you will not need such an amount.

If you can estimate how much space you need and you find that this is around a few hundreds Megabytes or a few Gigabytes, then surely you will not have any problems choosing one of these “unlimited space” offers, but, if you consider that you will need a few hundred Gigabytes or a few Terabytes (unlikely), then read carefully the Terms of the hosting package or try to contact the company and ask about what will be the real allocated space for you. You must understand that a shared hosting is exactly what it says, shared, and if one or a few individuals from the hosted customers will take over all of the system space and its resources, the other users will be left outside, and the hosting company will not allow that.

On the other side, even a hosting package with only 1 or 10 Gigabytes space can be enough if you consider that is all you will need for your website content, and you will not overpass that value (of course there is the upgrade option also).

Monthly traffic:

Same as the “Web space” from above, the same thing apply with the hosting monthly traffic, meaning that someone may offer you unlimited monthly traffic, but remember that in reality there is a limit, a limit which anyway, the majority of website types may not reach. More exactly, if we talk about a few dozen gigabytes per month, everything can go well, but if your website traffic will highly increase, then you may receive a warning e-mail related with the traffic. In general, if you start with some medium sized websites, which at least at the moment will not create traffic related problems, then don’t worry.

The hosting companies which offer a specific amount of monthly traffic, 10 Gigabytes for example, at least they indicate from the start exactly what amount of traffic you have available, and if you estimate that your website / s will not reach this limit then you should be OK. And if you ever get closer to that limit, you can always choose a hosting plan with a higher amount of traffic by making an upgrade.

Number of external domains that you can host:

Usually, people who conduct online activities choose to evolve on many areas, and thus, they might have more than    one domain. The hosting packages which offer the possibility to host more than one domain in the same account are very advantageous in this case. All the hosting resources will be divided between these extra hosted domains, and the user will save money and time. If you consider that you want to host more than one domain and you think that these will fit with the hosting limits, then you can choose a hosting package with the external domains add-on option, and the available number of add-on domains you will need.

Mysql databases:

In general, all the hosting packages have one or more available Mysql databases. The databases will be useful when    instead of a simple plain HTML website you will install and run scripts and applications of various kinds. Three things that you must know about databases are: how many they are available, what is the maximum size they can have and how easy you can make a backup and a restoration. Usually, the bigger the database size the better, and also, if the hosting package has the PHPMyAdmin utility, you will be able to make backups, and restore them without problems.

Terms of use of the mailing facilities:

If your website will intensively use the e-mail program, then you should pay attention about this when you choose a hosting package. Hosting packages have its own limitations when it comes to number of sent and received e-mails in a  given time. For example, in the Terms of Use of some hosting companies may state that you can only send a number of, let’s say 300 e-mails per hour. This limit vary from company to company and you should first check with the company what are the exact limitations.

Control panel / management interface:

Every hosting company has a control panel area for its customers, where some hosting settings can be changed, like e-mail, databases, redirections, scripts and other things, viewing the used traffic and space, and also monitoring of the website visitors number and their behavior. The control panels vary from company to company, some are easier to use than others, and is much better if, before buying a hosting package, you will preview the control panel to see if you can easily accommodate with it, and if will meet your requirements. Some hosting companies has this control panel preview option. My personal recommendation is cPanel interfaces, I had and I sill have a great user experience with this interface, but of course this is just my personal opinion.

Available scripts and applications:

With the majority of hosting packages comes a list of scripts and applications, which with a few clicks can be very easily installed on your domain. These scripts can be very useful for some users. These can be: blogging platforms, photo galleries, classifieds, guestbook, e-commerce platforms, discussion boards, mailing lists, site builders, chatting rooms and other PHP applications. Usually, in the hosting package details the available scripts are listed within the hosting features.

Server uptime:

One important factor of the hosting packages is the server ability to maintain a viable and interruptible internet connection. If the server on which you are hosted with, happens to lose the internet connection, your website will be inaccessible, and your visitors will see an error page. Of course that these connection breaks are not wanted, these can bring customer loss, unsafe image, and can eat your search engine ranking points if the offline time is long enough. It’s good to know from the start if the company you wish to choose, has a positive and real reputation about the server uptime.

Processor use:

Every type of shared hosting package consist of one server which host many other customers that share the same system resources. This means that every customer has its own maximum piece of processor power that can use, in this way, the company is maintaining a balanced use for everybody, without lags or errors. And if you will use online applications that can use consistent and large system resources, it will be better to know from the beginning if a particularly hosting package can suit your needs and your website functionality, and if the hosting limitations are enough for you. Usually, a shared hosting company allow a processor power for every user of about 0,1% to 1%.

Technical support:

Even if you think that you can manage alone to set up and maintain every aspect of your hosting package, an unexpected problem my arise at anytime, and then you may really need the help of a technical support agent. That’s why is very important that a hosting company to offer a quality technical support service for its customers, fast and efficient. Make sure that the technical support personnel are available on time, and they show respect and interest to its members in help, by addressing a few testing questions.