How To Buy And Develop A Successful Personal Website

In this article will be presented in short some essential factors that must be known when building a website. In-depth are a lot of subsections but here will be presented only the most important ones, these are: Choosing the domain name, Choosing a web host, Subject, Design, Usability, SEO and Promotion.

– Choose a simple and short name, easy to remember, which in the same time to represent your business or subject.

– Check the comparison between the host companies and choose the one who fits your needs.

– Develop your website on a principal subject.

– The design and content must be clear and readable, avoid loading too much graphic and extra elements, focus on content.

– Build an easy to access menu from any part of the site, web pages must be easy and even intuitively accessible.

– Put yourself in place of your visitors and satisfy their needs, make a useful website for your visitors.

– The SEO chapter have a lot of subsections that one should know before building a website, the SEO is an essential factor in the web propagation of your website. SEO means to bring your site at the requirement level of search engines. Some of the most important factors in SEO are: title and description of pages, the name of HTML files, H1 and H2 tags, the keywords and their number from title and description of meta tag, from H1 and H2 title, from page content and the HTML files. You can find SEO tools and in-depth articles about website SEO at the following addresses:

– – Free SEO tools
– – SEO articles, info and talk

– Promoting your website you raise the chances that it will be viewed by more people, so, you fulfill the site’s purpose.

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