Promote Your Website Through Traffic Exchange

Free traffic exchange is the fastest and most useful way to bring traffic and to improve your website.

Traffic exchange means using a specialized site that uses a navigation engine that automatically displays, for a certain period, sites of registered users. In other words, the navigation module of the website displays in turn by turn, each site enrolled for a link exchange.

For each view you get a certain score, and you can use your accumulated points by assigning them to your website. So your earned points are automatically converted into traffic to the website chosen by you.

The more website visitors, the higher is the importance of your site in search results position.

So, you can increase the number of visitors to your site by visiting a few hours a week for a few seconds, other’s sites, which in turn will do the same thing for your website.

Of course, I recommend you do so only at first, to promote your site easier in search engines. I do not think you want to click sites for life. After you have obtained the desired position, I recommend to use other marketing techniques to keep the number of visitors and attention to new customers. Frequent site updates and popular content will help you with this.

Here is a list of some of the sites that offer automatic traffic exchange, which I tested, and I assure you that will bring visible results:



What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a standard format based on XML, used to facilitate the publication and popularization of web content.

RSS is the standard used mostly by news sites, especially those sites that bring in fresh content value and in a short time. Of course, the standard RSS can be used for absolutely any kind of information that can be presented as articles. Most online blogs have an RSS feed for articles published, or even to the last comments on the blog posts.

RSS standard was made known through UserLand company (the year 1997), and was later adopted by Netscape and is therefore useful in its own news portal. Soon, it became the main way to exchange information between sites such as BBC, Slashdot, CNN, Disney, Forbes, ZDNet and more.

Sources (RSS feeds) help directly in the online marketing campaign, because it can generate traffic, either through their direct use by users or by publishing their content in a network of information sharing.

In terms of web optimization, RSS is used indirectly on many sites. We can not say that this will help in the optimization process, but it certainly will help in marketing campaigns. One of the major advantages of this feature is that you can inform site visitors without the need to visit your site. And, if the information and content made available to customers of the site is of high quality, they certainly will come back and visit.


Content is King – Create For Your Success

Internet is information, people who access the internet are looking for certain information. These information can include news, various technical data, updates about their friends or other people, information about products and services and all kind of information that are accessible online.

Regardless of your online activity area, in almost all cases there is the need to create and contribute with some informational content. More than this, the information must be unique and useful to be able to stand apart from the crowd, and to easily spread itself over the internet.

On the internet there are mostly found the next categories of websites:

– Personal websites, which contain information about their owner, opinions, hobbies.
– Resource websites, which heavily debate a specific subject, with or without a forum.
– Companies which presents their business online.
– News Websites.
– Online Shops.
– Affiliates which promote other companies products and services.
– Online services: games, communities, web directories, classifieds, bookmarking, etc.

The list can be bigger, but you may already find out that your online activity fits in one from the above categories.

The most important element which helps these websites to reach a high exposure over the internet, and therefore achieving its wanted success, is the content. The content will bring the needed visitors for that online activities to reach their goals, or keep existing and walk further. More than this, updating your site content with fresh and informative articles, not only that you will attract new visitors interested on that subject, but you will make the existing visitors to come back later on your site for fresh information.

Also, search engines love fresh and updated websites with new content added on a regular basis. The websites which update their content frequently, are favored by search engines and placed in better search engine result positions.

Useful advices that will help you create unique and quality content for your website:

– It’s very important to write about a topic that you are passionate or know a lot about.
– Use a readable font which is widely compatible (Arial, Verdana, Tahoma), of at least 12px size.
– Write keyword rich articles of at least 500 words.
– Create short and sweet titles, be descriptive and attract your visitors to read further.
– Keep a clean and ordered formatting in your pages. Split articles in sub sections, with bold subtitles.
– Keep creating and adding new content frequently.

These are some of the advices that can help you gain online exposure and success. And don’t forget that content is king, and will continue to be.