Affiliate Marketing

7 Efficient Ways to Promote Affiliate Products Without Spending Money

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business model available to anyone. Thus if you don’t have your own product or service to sell, promoting good affiliate products or services can be just as lucrative.

The best thing about it is, if you keep at it for enough time, you will soon start to generate passive income, which is not something to neglect!

Before going into ways of promoting, you need to understand the basics of how to do the things right from the first time, so the process goes like this:

  1. Choose a good main niche to promote – Evergreen niches are the safest choice (health, money, romance, entertainment, marketing, hobbies, etc).
  2. Find one or more sub-niches to promote – Example: Main niche: Hobbies -> Niche: Learn guitar -> Sub-niche: How to teach your child to play the acoustic guitar. You get the point.
  3. Understanding your audiences – Figure out where your audience hangs out, what they like doing online, what sites they visit and what product can help them.
  4. Finding the right program – Collaborate with a trusted brand that offer quality products, and which also care about their affiliates. Do online research for other people reviews.
  5. Choosing the products – A product that will fit to your audience. Test it by yourself, or at least make sure there are enough online info about it so you can create in-depth reviews.
  6. Getting your affiliate tracking code – Login into your affiliate account and get the tracking code for the offer you want to promote.
  7. Creating quality content – You want to “pre-sell” your affiliate offer to your audience. Best way is to tell a story of how you had some problem and what helped you solve it.
  8. Start promoting – Now you’re ready to start spreading the word, continue reading for some of the best way to do it.
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – Ways To Make Money As An Affiliate

In this article I will present the most efficient way to make money online. Perhaps you are tired of hearing that others make lots of money online and you have not the vaguest idea how to manage this. Of course, many will tell you different “stories” as you can make tens of thousands of dollars per month with no experience, without having a site or without having a mailing list, etc.. That’s 99% lies. If you believe you can make money online, the chances are that you will succeed, but only as long as you work hard.

The truth is that to make money, whether it’s online or offline, it takes time, dedication and commitment. This is true, but from a certain point, the time necessary to maintain the business will be much smaller than the time needed to start that business, which is also normal. When you start a business you should be aware that you have to devote a lot, at least at first. Then it’s up to you if you want to get more involved to develop that business, or to retire and let it go by itself (as long as it will continue to run).

But enough talk, let’s get practical about affiliate marketing. As I said, the best way to make money online is to start a small business in the field of affiliate marketing. What this actually means? You promote other people products and for each product sold, you get a commission, which varies depending on the product and the person who created the product. These fees can reach up to even 75% of the product price when it comes to digital products, such as PDFs, software, video, mp3 that do not require shipping charges.

Suppose that you have documented into this subject and you decide you’re into affiliate marketing. What is the next step? You choose the area (or niche) in which you want to get into. This is the most complicated step do to, because a wrong choice can mean failure for your niche and work. Here is the most important thing you need to keep in mind when selecting your niche:

There are enough people who are willing to pay money for certain services or products, to find the answer to some questions or to get solutions to their problems. If the niche you choose is very “hot” and has tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of searches per month and if people look only for “free” things or are looking for general free information, your work is in vain, like marketing a “free wallpapers” search term.

However, for example, the “nikon d5100” search term has a small number of monthly searches, but the chances to make money in this niche are decent, because people looking at a specific camera review and considering the information available on your site can go through your affiliate link if they made a decision regarding that camera.

When selecting your niche, make sure you target buyers audience, and be as much as specific about your product or service, thus, letting visitors to make just two choices: buy or go.

If you wonder where you can join the most serious affiliate programs, then my recommendation is to join a powerful affiliate network like MaxBounty or Neverblue, where, if accepted, you’ll have plenty of quality products and offers to promote, for a good commission.

In other articles on this site I will present other essential principles that you need to keep in mind before you start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

How To Avoid Online Affiliate Programs Scams

Before starting to invest time and money in a online money making program, you must be sure that you collaborate with people that can be trusted. In this short article I will give some examples and advices that may help you to make the difference between an online scam and a serious online affiliate program. Let’s say that you found one program that seems a good opportunity, a few methods to find out if the people behind this program are serious are the following:

– The first questions that you must ask yourself are: The offer sounds credible ? This program, viewed at a large scale, brings any benefit for the parts implied ? This program offer any guarantee ?

– A website of such a company will not be a neglected one, if you notice errors in such websites, then this fact should make you suspicious because, a serious and profitable company will never afford to display with a poor website with errors.

– Any serious affiliate program must have a method for supporting its affiliate, that should be practical and efficient.

– Contact the support section with a general question and notice how and in how much time they will answer back, a respectable program will always respect and support its members and affiliates.

– Read carefully the terms of service and search for any irregularity or rules that may affect your further affiliation with the program.

– Keep your eyes open and don’t trust any promises or offers that look exaggerated.

– With a search on a search engine (scam program x) you can find out the opinion of other people about a particular program , if you find generally negative comments and reviews then you better think twice before you join that program, from our experience, a serious program doesn’t generate almost at all negative comments, and anyway if it generate, these comments will be insignificant in number. Don’t forget, negative comments may represent also some side-functions that does not satisfy some persons and that does not correlate with other important factors like program trust and affiliate payments, etc, so read carefully.

– There are websites specialized in exposing online scam programs around the internet, look also on these websites before starting to collaborate with any affiliate program, if the program is not listed on these sites, then its a first good step.


We hope that these information will help you avoid online scams and frauds, we wish you success in your affiliate marketing journey!