Law of Attraction, Visualization

Many people confuse visualization with dreaming. This is one of the most common problem with visualization. Most of us only dream of something that we want and we think we visualized. In fact, visualization is much more complex than just thinking about the things we want. First, the feeling we feel when we visualize something should be so intense, so real, that our mind can not distinguish if we only imagine that we have the thing we want. The feeling you have when you visualize something is working on the chemistry of attraction. It is therefore very important that visualization to be a very intense feeling, as close to reality.

Another very important thing that you must keep in mind is that, when you visualize a particular result, you must be fully convinced of it. If you visualize, but you have feelings of doubt, you will sabotage the results. Many of us doubt the achievement of certain things, because we do not know exactly how we will do it, but our job is to design ways to get those things done, they will appear ways at the appropriate time when we are ready.

Athletes who took part in a study were connected to monitoring equipment and bio-feedback and they have simulated exercises only in their imagination. The result was astonishing: the same muscles were activated in exactly the same order as when athletes ran the race track. The conclusion reached by researchers is that the mind does not distinguish between the work itself or its simulation.

Use visualization daily

This visualization process should be applied daily or when we have a few free moments, but the most important time of a day is in the morning before starting our daily activities, and evening before bedtime. Also, you can view the goals that you want to get at any other time of day when you are alone and have a few moments of silence. Visualization can be combined very well with the thanksgiving principle – to be thankful for what you already have.

For example, in the morning when you wake up, first thanks for all the beautiful things in your life and then visualize the things you want to get. You can do the same in the evening, before sleep. Studies show that the information we assimilate in the last 40 minutes before falling asleep will determine the activities that take place in the brain during sleep. It is therefore important that before we sleep to “feed” our brain with positive information and feelings, to think about our goals and new ways to get them, because during sleep, the subconscious mind will process this information and will seek new methods and ideas with which to get faster the things we wish and visualize.

Perhaps some of you have already heard about the book “Want It, See It, Get It!” and about its importance in achieving success. This book can help you fulfill your goals faster.