Build A Website Optimized For Search Engines

Optimize your site for search engines

During formation of the inner structure of a website, we need some basic knowledge about HTML. You do not have to be professional, but need to know the basics.

The basic principle is that we can get good results with the selected keywords of our website only if there is real content (accessible by search engines) on that topic, optimized for that keyword. According to this principle, for each page (on the site) we must choose a keyword, and then we do search engine optimization based on these keywords.

We have to consider the following principles:

Page transparency:

What does this mean? Search engines can download images, Flash animations, but they cannot “read” them, and our aim is that search engines to see our pages.

For example, search engines do not see written text on an image, so if the menu names on a website are stored in the image format, search engines see the image, but the text from the image cannot be interpreted. Independent of this, pages may be well organized, so that links can be found in the HTML source code, but if you can, avoid using images for your menus and links.

Using Flash elements has a more harmful effect on the site “visibility” because search engines have no way to read Flash content and because of this it cannot check existing links within them. It happens often that a site be made from a single flash animation, all the content is accessible in a flash animation, and that’s why search engine like Google cannot access the page. (Lately the Google search engine could access links in Flash animations, but still, it’s best to avoid using flash animation, especially in navigation.)

Why is it important that the website would be “transparent”? Because in vain we optimize our website if the search engine can’t see it. In this case, we have no chance to appear on the list of search results.

Page content:

Content is very important, because the content is the one that is read by search engine. If the content is richer and more valuable, the more appreciated by the search engine and the more in front of the rankings.

In the composition of the site content, we should try to talk with rich details about the theme of the site, not just in two short sentences. A page should be consumed with pleasure to the visitors. For the Google search engine serving the people is very important, so they try to highlight the most relevant sites. If our website is good and valuable to people, then most likely it will meet the requirements of Google.

While composing our site content we should often use as many keywords, but this does not mean that in 10 words, 9 to be keywords, the text must remain composed primarily for human consumption, because the site is primarily for people and second to search engines.

Using the head tags:

Head tags are <h1> </ h1> <h2> </ h2> <h3> </ h3> <h4> </ h4> <h5> </ h5> <h6> </ h6>. Page headings and subheadings should be placed between these elements. H1 is the most important, H2 is the second most important, and so on. Title page for example is worth inserted between between the two H1 elements, and the subtitle content between the two elements that contain the term H2. You should not use each of the six head tags on the same page, but using the first two is highly recommended.

Let’s see an example..

We have a catering firm in New York so among the keywords chosen for optimization we choose the keyword phrase “Catering Firm New York”, after we created the proper content.

On the page we use the expression: <H1> Catering Firm New York </H1>
The subtitle on that page can be the following: <H2> New York residents find quality service in our custom catering </ H2>

The use of meta keywords, title and description:


Title is the text that appears in your browser. In the HTML source code the title is found between the elements <title> </ title>. This element is very important in terms of search engine optimization, and here you must enter a keyword rich text, but still be sure that we have a sentence that makes sense and express the contents of the site.

Continuing the example above, this could be the following: <title> Catering Firm New York – Quality Custom Catering </ title>

Meta keywords

Today the meta keywords tag is less significant. In this field you must enter keywords and phrases separated by commas.

Example: <Meta name = “keywords” content = “new york catering, custom catering, catering service”/>

Although it lost value, however it is still worth using it because he has retained something of significance.

Meta description

You must write a 1-2 sentence content. It is important that this continues to be relevant and on each page to write an unique description content relevant to that specific page.

Example: <meta name=”description” content=”Full service catering in New York for weddings, corporate events, in-flight catering, and private parties” />

It is important to know that by only making a page is not necessary sufficient for obtaining good results in search engine rankings, on-site but optimization can not be neglected.

At every modification of a page you must remembered that we address the content to people and not robots. Before making changes on our site worth visiting sites that are on the first positions in search engines, these sites are able to offer us many ideas.

Choosing Keywords – A Critical Step For SEO

Choosing keywords for seo

Choosing the right keywords should stay at the base of your website optimization.

Keyword selection is critical?

Choosing keywords will determine which terms should be targeted in SEO. Most think they know what keywords should target. For example, “search engine optimization” has estimated about 16,000 searches per day, while “search engine marketing” is estimated at approximately 8,800 daily searches. If your instinct tells you to “target” search engine marketing, you can get a good ranking, but it would only bring half of the traffic you can get if you have chosen and well placed the “search engine optimization” keyword.

There are two main issues in choosing keywords:

The first is the popularity, how often keywords are searched. Tools determine the popularity of words (other than from Google) using data acquired from a number of smaller search engines with a set of algorithms to estimate the number of searches made for certain words. We recommend to use both “the tool” from Google, and other software to determine the popularity of keywords.

The second aspect is the competition. Study of your competition begins with the analysis of web pages to determine how competitive are other websites in your niche, both for general keywords, as well as specific ones. Determining the appropriate keyword is to be made by examining the web pages ranked for that keyword and how competitive they are.

– Nobody, except the search engine designers, does not know how each search engine determines how competitive is a website or web page, and those people who know these things can’t speak about it.

– Each search engine uses a different algorithm to determine how competitive is a website or web page.

Without a proper analysis of targeted keywords, SEO efforts are like a gun shooting in the dark. It is possible to choose keywords that are not popular, or keywords too competitive for your website, at the time.

Website Usability – The Easiness of Using a Website

Website usability refers to the easiness of using a website. Meaning easy browsing, proper menus and the easiness of using other internal site elements, and the website as a whole.

Usability plays a very important role when it comes to website visitors. Visitors will leave websites in no time if the usability is difficult and tricky, and they will never come back again. But visitors knows how to appreciate a well designed website, easy and practical to use with an efficient arrangement and menu. They will remember the good time they had on such well designed websites and they will come back again and again with pleasure.

To design and maintain a good usability for your website you should stick with a few simple rules to follow:

– Easy and practical menu
– Logical and intuitive arrangement of categories, pages and content
– Using useful tools easy to reach, like a search box at the top of your website
– Clean and well-ordered text content and images / banners
– Pleasant / non-screaming design and readable text

Having these elements built with care, you will have an essential advantage on the long term, and you will keep the visitors returning to your site because they can read it and use it with pleasure.

The Importance of Website Accessibility

Website accessibility refers to the possibility of accessing the website and its content, by a large number of people category types, hardware equipments and software.

Different surfers from different areas of our world, and from different environments, have different internet accessibility options and different possibilities and needs. Making sure that your website can be accessible by a large category of people, hardware and software, you will rise your exposure and you will achieve a higher consideration.

Accessibility consists of various elements that must be widely compatible:

Website format, structure and design

Your web pages must be widely accepted and supported by the majority of hardware devices and software. Make sure that your website is displaying correctly in various types of browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Avant, Chrome, etc. Also, check if your website is displaying well in other display resolutions, like 800×600, 1024×768, etc, since many users still use these standard resolutions.

Text font type

Make your font easily readable by a large number of people. The minimum recommended font size is 12, and the most suitable and widely used font types for web pages are Arial, Verdana and Tahoma. If you are using other fonts, be sure to check if that font is widely available as a standard option in many operating systems and browsers.

Scripts and applications

Keep the script size small and be sure to check if your scripts and applications function properly in many other browsers. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Avant, Chrome, etc. Don’t add too many useless scripts to your site just to be fancy, you will just increase the loading time and you can lose a lot of your visitors.

Load time / data content size

Make sure to keep the loading time of your website as shorter as possible, you will be amazed to know how many surfers hit the close button if they wait more than 7 seconds for a page to open. Keep your graphics and images in a good quality/size ratio optimizing them with image editing software, and split too much content in different pages.

Keep your website and its elements widely accessible by many types of people and their devices, and your exposure will be much higher, without the risk of losing important visitors and / or customers.

Choosing Your Perfect Domain Name – Things To Consider

The first thing you should do when you decided that you want a website, is to to choose a name for it. Everyone is free to register any domain name they wish through various domain registrar companies, as long as the domain names are still free for registration. Besides the domain TLD termination which can be com, net, org and others.. the buyer must choose the company that will make the domain registration, and of course, to choose a proper name for it.

I will explain the most important points from above that you should consider, and a few useful advices that can help you to register a good domain name through a proper company.

Domain TLD (Termination)

I will enumerate some of the most important and popular domain name terminations, these are: com, net, org, biz and info. The most well known is the .com termination, this is also the most valuable from the rest. If I must give you a quick advice about what termination you should choose, this will be .com, but there is nothing bad in having a website with one of the other termination, especially when the website is country targeted or is having other relevancy within the content and TLD type. However, as long as a website is well projected, everything can go very well with any other termination.

There are some debates that search engines gives more scores in the search results for particularly TLD’s, like .com over .info. but that depends on the site target, content, popularity and many other factors.. Obviously on the domain marketplace the .com is the most valuable TLD. And other thing to consider – many internet users have the intention to search for a .com domain termination when they are unsure about the exact address of a website, they will enter in browser “whatever they remember” followed by a .com.

Domain Registrar Companies

There are many companies through you can register your domain name, the price differ a little from company to company, but on the long term some companies will show to be better than others. That’s why is very important to choose a good company that you will register your domain / s through. The differences between the services offered are big enough and that can make the difference between headache, and focusing on your business. I will write more about advantages and disadvantages of registrar companies in another topic from this forum.

Domain Name

Finally, choosing a domain name depends very much on the purpose the website will be build for. Surely you can register a domain with a general name non-related with the website purpose and content, but is much better that the domain name to be related with the content. Another important aspect is that the name to be kept as shorter as possible, and easy to pronounce and remember. If you can mix all these factors together when registering a domain name, then you already made a first positive step, which will be very useful on the long run.

If you want to start a website about car parts, some of the best recommendations for a domain name will be – autoparts or carparts and with .com termination, this will be highly preferred. But today some of the best domains with simple and easy to remember names are already registered by first comers, still, with a little creativity you can register a pleasant name related with your activity, I will give you some possible examples, and you can always place in front or after the desired name one or a combination from the following simple words: web, net, online, now, super, today, store, shop, dir, best, quality, the, and the list can go on.. you can use your imagination. supercarparts, bestcaparts, webcarparts, carpartsdir, etc..